Monday, December 3, 2012

New Class :)

3 Dec 2012

For the first time I had to create a blog. Come on I really not know this things. Miss Zuraidah why you ask a cute student like we all to create this blog? 


Others maybe not care about this cause have a own blog before this. But me? I do not know how to do a blog. But for Miss Zu I try to create. Tired okay ! You know how many times I make a new email. Haha, finally created a blog also whether others even do not want to drop somewhat willing. Alright first of all I want to say sorry if in my blog have really mistake of grammar, I not good in English. But I try my best. Okay 3hb Dec 2012, a new semester for we as a student. Excited, happy, homesick. Have a many feeling right now. For first class is are Finance! Oh my God class at Blok Karyawan (BK) plus at 8.00 a.m. Its so far from my college, but I take this as my challenge. My new lecturer is are, Nadia Nurul Najwa Mohmad Hassan. Looks okay, I hope so. Next class are Arab! Haha, I really feel excited to learn a new language. My lecturer is are Ustazah Munirah. Really cute lecturer. At 2.00pm class at Dewan Sri Peria (DSP), I like! Cause the class in front from my college, heee. Oh is raining, so I bring umbrella to go the class. I with Cik Faa, we are late ! hehee, lucky our lecturer was busy at in front. So this is a class BEL311, and the lecturer are Miss Zuraidah, I think I fall in love with her. Because I like her style, she really looks sporting with her students. I hope it will remain like this, before we end the class Miss Zu make a something like ice breaking. It fun cause we speak in English with each other. Maybe that’s all for my first entry. 

Thank you for reading! bye! ^,^


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