Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Headache.. ouchhh..

12 Dec 2012 / Wednesday.
Assalamualaikum.... :)

Today I was not in mood. Really not in mood, very headache. But I must go to the class, at 8.00 am my class start for today. I'm tired plus very homesick! :( ..... But I must be strong ! Today I also have a bel class, at SL ( CLL2 ). Miss Zu want to see our blog, she have remind us to create a blog since a last week. Some of my friend had already done and some of them still not create the account blog, so that day Miss Zu give us time to create, update and so on about the blog.

Actually Miss Zu give us time to make a blog until 4.50pm but maybe she think because the wifi is so slow then suddenly she said we blogging until end of class. After that, she gives us work to do in pairing for weekend and I pair with Cik Faa. Even this week we busy because of module and others event but, hopefully the work not burden ourselves. That's all from me ! 

Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^

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