Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Check the introduction... :)


Hye my lovely friends. Today our bel class at CLL, our class today begin with another group will present their thesis statement. Asnawi and Ashraf, Rozita and Nabila. After they present their thesis statement miss Zu was very angry because the thesis statement are wrong, but after miss Zu have correct their thesis statement finally miss Zu accepted. 

Today miss Zu teach us how to do a outlining, the format of outlining are very important. 
Then, we proceed with the introduction. Miss Zu was checked our introduction one by one. I feel so nervous because not to sure our introduction correct or not. Miss Zu will correct the mistake that we do. 

Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Alhamdulilah... :)

Assalamualaikum... :)

Hello guys ! Okay today have a bel class at block U. Suddenly I feel very scared want to present today, maybe because I will present alone. But I will try and really hope miss Zu will accept our thesis statement. Miss Zu do not want aggrumentative essay present first she want last presentation and I do a aggrumentative essay. At first presentation from others group miss Zu is really mad. Ouch ! It make me feel very nervous. 

Finally its my turn and I present the thesis statement. Dup dap dup my heart... 
Before approved miss Zu has ask a few of question about thesis statement, finally miss Zu approved our thesis statement. Alhamdulilah.. :)

Thanks and  congrats to team aggrumentative essay because all member do a aggrumentative essay the thesis statement are has been approved today. :)

This is our thesis statement : -

Although money is more important for Malaysian women in getting married, there are strongly proven that love is more important thing for a lasting marriage. 

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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Discussion with classmate.. :)

Assalamualaikum... :)

Hye guys ! Today have a bel class but miss Zu were not entered the class. So, miss Zu ask we all to do discussion about thesis statement at the library. My type of essay are Aggrumentative, same like Sara and Pika, Faiz and Fikri, Zu and Ani, Nad and Nadia. So we all sit together and discuss about thesis statement, we want do a good thesis statement for miss Zu. Ika kecik also help I and Fatin because her thesis statement have been approved. Thanks Darling ! :)

Even like easy to do thesis statement but we must do very properly for this time, we do not want miss Zu feel so sad with our thesis statement. After done discuss and settle our thesis statement, we all back to college and really hope miss Zu will approve our thesis statement. In shaa Allah. :)

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Debate contest in class.. :)

14 Jan 2013

Hye you all, we in new week now. Ahh, actually its become near with test test and test. So scared ! Okay today in bel class what we learn? Ahaaa, we learn how to debate. Remember debate in English okay? Before this I have join about debate but in Malay only.

Alright, Miss Zu have divide us in four group and I in group 4.. With, Salehin, Faiz Othman, Bariah, Tyra, Wawa and Pika Azmi.

Here the topic what we get to debate, and we as a government. :)

" Is it true that men are easy to work and more creative than women especially when it involves group work ? "

I give a few of point to debate this topic, First Men are more brave than women, why? He are always give a new idea than women, secondly women are always include their emotion when she do a work because they are lack of emotional. Next men are easy to find friend than women, why? because women are hard to close with each other and many point that we get.

Our group have debate with group three. Have Rozita, Cik Faa, Nadia, Inayah, Nina,  Fikri and Izzat. Actually fun when we try to debate, moreover in a best topic. Finally who are win in this debate? Haha, Miss Zu said my group and group 3 are average. So ? Not have a winner. Heeee.

That all our lesson for today !

 Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Comment Each Others.. :)

Wednesday / 09 Jan 2013

Assalamualaikum....... :) 

We meet again in my new entry. Okay today I have bel class, with who? Of course with Miss Zuraidah a beautiful lady. Our class at CLL. Before bel class we have class at Block I. Okay, today Miss Zu ask us to open and update the blog and she want to check one by one. 

Miss Zu have ask Athirah to collect all email blog my classmate but unfortunately have one person not have at the list and the person are me.. Err Tyra forgot about me! So sad. :( 

Miss Zu want me to write my email and give to her, she told me do not angry with Tyra about she forgot about me. I just said its okay, small matter actually. 

After that, Miss Zu check a blog one by one and want us comment each others. She also want know what kind of commenting we give, she want comment something interesting not a critics.

Here I have all blog email my classmate.. :)

1) - faiz adha
2) - nina
3) syafiqah
4) asyraf
5) ana
6) sarah
7) pika
8) athirah
9) rozita
10) bariah
11) atikah ahmad
12) nadiah
13) inayah
14) zubaidah
15) nawi
16) fikri
17) ani
18) adibah
19) izzat
20) wawa
21) faiz
22) salihin
23) nad
24) bella
25) fatin
26) izani
27) kim
28) wasim
29) eyka


                                                                  Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Guees about fact or opinion.. :)


Pon pon.... Today we have bel class and Miss Zu want to check the blog whether we have doing the blog or not. Miss Zu choose Nadiah Atiqah for open her blog, after Miss Zu see her blog miss Zu not satisfied about her writing maybe its to short. Actually her blog also same like my blog, nothing special like boring. But miss Zu explain to us what kind material can we put at our blog. Like link, some picture and others. Miss want we give more information to readers.

Then Miss Zu continued with lesson today. We learnt about facts and opinion. Wow ! I like to learn this because facts and opinion quiet easy than another learning. What is a facts ? Fact is a specific detail that can be proven as true based on objective evidence and what are opinion? Opinion is a feeling of judgement, belief or conclusion that cannot be proven true by evidence.

You also can go to this link, have a exercise about facts or opinion. Very good for us do it for improve our mind.

Our product !

After that miss Zu do a games about what we learn today, miss have divide us in 6 group. One group have 4 or 5 members and I have same group with Ita, Nawi, Wawa and Ani. We get a Makeup powder from maybelline. :)

We have to sell the product as a salesman and salesgirl. We have to give five statement, whether its facts or opinion. My group are lose, haha. Its okay it only games, the important is we understand what we learn today and we must do a lot of exercise. :)

Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^

Monday, January 7, 2013

Choosing the Topic ! :)

Assalamualaikum.... :)

Okay, here I want to tell about our outline topic. I pair with Fatin, before we choose the topic we do a some research what kind of materials can we use. Finally I and Fatin decide the "Married" topic. We must show the Broad Topic, Narrow Topic and also Focused topic.


Getting Married



Getting Married among women in Malaysian



Getting Married among women in Malaysian : is it for women or love ?

Why we choose a married topic because we think Married topic are quiet interesting to people know, moreover we relate our topic about women among Malaysian. Before this  we have present with other topic but our topic have rejected by Miss Zu maybe not interesting and finally Alhamdulilah miss approved our new topic.
So we will do the outline with the topic....

Getting Married Among Women in Malaysia : Is it For Money or Love ? 
* Argumentative Essay *

Here are our example of material : )


Type of material and name
Title of article
Should you marry for money or love ?
Author (s)
Eugene Mahalingam
The Star
Year of publication
13/ 10 / 2012

Website address ( online sources )
Date of retrieval ( online sources )

Volume number, issue number and page (s)
3 pages

Type of material and name
Title of article
Love me, Love my bank account
Author (s)
Barbara Kantrowitz
Year of publication
14 June 2009

Website address ( online sources )
Does us make sense for women to marry for money
Date of retrieval ( online sources )

Volume number, issue number and page (s)
3 pages

Actually we must find more of materials, and we in process to find it a suitable of materials.

Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^

Change class!

Assalamualaikum... :) 
07 Jan 2013.. 

Bismillahirahmnirahim..... Today our bel class at Dewan Sri Peria ( DSP ). Miss Zu wants us to bring a laptop to class today, she said she want going to check our blog. So in class she want we continue with do a blogging. But unfortunately, we can't access internet at DSP maybe about technical problem usually happen like this at our college. 

So Miss decide want we all go to library to update a blog. Miss want us to make a entry about choosing topic for term paper and also leave a comment on our friends blog. So that all for today. :)

Blogging at Library... :)  

Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Wednesday / 02 Jan 2013

Today our bel class at SL at 4.00 pm. Yes in class have computer so we can update our blog, but for today Miss Zu want we do a online asessment. She give a few minutes to us settle the quiz, after that Miss Zu was explain about the main idea. We must find the main idea in the statement, main idea also have in unstated means we need to guess the hidden main ideas. We need to scanning and skimming first, then make a proper sentence. 

After Miss Zu explain everything, we do a exercise about find main idea with a game ! Huhu, so fun. But we loser... hahaa, my group only get a 2 marks. So sad, but its okay it only a game. Most important we understand what are we learn for today.. :) 

Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year :)

Tuesday / 01 Jan 2013.

Happy New Year my Friends ! 



Today our bel class still proceed about the outline presentation. Only Sara, Syafiqah, Zue and Hani still  
not approved their topic. Today our bel class at Block U at 4.00 p.m.
My God, their topic still rejected by Miss Zu, maybe their topic is to common for Miss. I feel so sad to them, I hope they can find more interesting topic after this. Be strong friends! I know you can do it. :)

After the presentation we proceed with learn Summarising. I love Summarising because summarising is easier than Paraphrasing. Miss Zu was expalain everything to us for we understand. Thanks you Miss..   

We end the class very early, at 5.30 pm because Miss Zu have meeting ! 

Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^