Monday, January 14, 2013

Debate contest in class.. :)

14 Jan 2013

Hye you all, we in new week now. Ahh, actually its become near with test test and test. So scared ! Okay today in bel class what we learn? Ahaaa, we learn how to debate. Remember debate in English okay? Before this I have join about debate but in Malay only.

Alright, Miss Zu have divide us in four group and I in group 4.. With, Salehin, Faiz Othman, Bariah, Tyra, Wawa and Pika Azmi.

Here the topic what we get to debate, and we as a government. :)

" Is it true that men are easy to work and more creative than women especially when it involves group work ? "

I give a few of point to debate this topic, First Men are more brave than women, why? He are always give a new idea than women, secondly women are always include their emotion when she do a work because they are lack of emotional. Next men are easy to find friend than women, why? because women are hard to close with each other and many point that we get.

Our group have debate with group three. Have Rozita, Cik Faa, Nadia, Inayah, Nina,  Fikri and Izzat. Actually fun when we try to debate, moreover in a best topic. Finally who are win in this debate? Haha, Miss Zu said my group and group 3 are average. So ? Not have a winner. Heeee.

That all our lesson for today !

 Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^

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