Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Comment Each Others.. :)

Wednesday / 09 Jan 2013

Assalamualaikum....... :) 

We meet again in my new entry. Okay today I have bel class, with who? Of course with Miss Zuraidah a beautiful lady. Our class at CLL. Before bel class we have class at Block I. Okay, today Miss Zu ask us to open and update the blog and she want to check one by one. 

Miss Zu have ask Athirah to collect all email blog my classmate but unfortunately have one person not have at the list and the person are me.. Err Tyra forgot about me! So sad. :( 

Miss Zu want me to write my email and give to her, she told me do not angry with Tyra about she forgot about me. I just said its okay, small matter actually. 

After that, Miss Zu check a blog one by one and want us comment each others. She also want know what kind of commenting we give, she want comment something interesting not a critics.

Here I have all blog email my classmate.. :)

1) - faiz adha
2) - nina
3) syafiqah
4) asyraf
5) ana
6) sarah
7) pika
8) athirah
9) rozita
10) bariah
11) atikah ahmad
12) nadiah
13) inayah
14) zubaidah
15) nawi
16) fikri
17) ani
18) adibah
19) izzat
20) wawa
21) faiz
22) salihin
23) nad
24) bella
25) fatin
26) izani
27) kim
28) wasim
29) eyka


                                                                  Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^

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