Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Settle online quizzes.. :)


Hello readers ! Our bel class at CLL. Ahaaaa, in the lab. Usually all feel happy because we will get online. We can update our blog. Miss Zu was check our mark for quizzes, so sad because the system are weird and wrong about key in mark. I was did all quizzes but my mark.. :( Why happen to me ?? But I just do it again...... Then, Miss zu asked the twins to present in front. They need to present about the discussion essay. Miss Zu give the chance to them for explained about it. Miss Zu said that disscusion essay is easy than other essay. The thesis statement just we talk about advantages or disadvantages. After that we go to miss Zu computer and check by own my quizzes. Ouchh, more than 3 quizzes at system I still not do it. That all readers......

Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^

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  1. Like Miss Zu said the system crazy..if you need any help just ask me..maybe I can help you.