Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Practice speaking test.. :)


Today Miss Zu came a bit late today because she had a meeting around 4.30 pm she arrived at class. As usual start class with recite Al-fatihah. Today we do speaking practice for preparation because next week is a speaking test. Miss Zu explains to us on how to do the speaking test on next week. You know for this semester we cannot choose by own. So Miss Zu divides us into group for the becoming speaking test. I same group with Sara, Zue and Nina. Miss Zu ask group 1 to do the example for do the speaking test. Group 1 are Ana, Faiz Othman, Bariyah and Asnawi. We will give 1 minute to read the question and 5 minutes to write down our points and 20 minutes for discussion. We also provided by Miss Zu a paper that have a rubric on how we will graded by Miss Zu so we will give mark to faiz's group today. Miss Zu also gives us blue papers on how to do the speaking test and it like what we can use if we want to interrupt other person about the opinion. Miss Zu really help us for improve our english. Thanks a lot miss Zuraidah.. :)

Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^

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