Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Read poem? :D


Hye guys, today our bel class at block Usahawan. Little bit late because we have Statistics test before bel class and others still not arrived maybe they came late. Miss Zu just proceed our lesson. She open one poem at screen and she ask Salihin read. Hahahaa, really funny. I not understand but not I only whole my classmate also not understand. Salihin make the poem like a song. :D
After Salihin read or we can call he sing the poem, miss ask whether we understand or not. Of cause we not understand. Then after miss Zu explain the poem, we understand. Thanks miss, actually interesting if we learnt how to understand the poem. After we finished about the poem, Miss Zu continued with another activity. Like usual, she divide us into 5 group. My member is Zu, Nina, Fikri and Pika. Miss Zu show us some video clip and we need to conclude the story and give some evidence about what we have conclude. Yeahhh ! Our group lucky today because we always get a mark. After we finish the game, the class was dismiss.

 Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^

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