Monday, February 18, 2013

Come back from holiday ! :)

Assalamualaikum... :)

Hello guys, after a week holiday we as UiTM student must came back to continue our studies. Today is Monday and our bel class at Dewan Sri Peria (DSP), yes ! Its not to far from our college. :)

Miss Zu ask we all about enough or not the holiday. Haha, of course not enough miss Zu. Okay, then miss Zu teach us about inferences. What are inferences? Inferences is what you read between the lines or the author want you, as a reader to guess what actually he/she mean. I know everybody always do a inferences to others people. 

Miss Zu have give example to us for make us more clear about inferences. 

make guesses
find connecting point
ask question
make prediction
personalize the reading 
uses background knowledge to interpret.

Miss Zu also create a game, actually I not understand how to play the game. After finish the game I still blur. Haha, and the game only Waseem can solve. Wah ! Give a clap for him. :)
Before finish the class miss Zu make another game and miss Zu divide us into 5 group. I same group with Zubaidah, Inayah, and Waseem. Miss Zu will open a clip video then we must to make inferences. Quiet interesting this game. :)

Thank you for reading ! bye ^,^

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